Contact information

Hotel address:
«Rius» hotel
12А Hnatyuka str.,
Lviv 79007

GPS: 49.841937 (lat), 24.024916 (lon)

Hotel: + 380 32 235 06 60, +380 97 970 02 20
Restaurant: +380 32 235 06 60
Fax: +380 32 235 06 61
e-mail: info@rius-hotel.lviv.ua
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Lovely Lviv in golden colors...it's worth seeing

During the fall of November, we will give you a crazy price fall For the whole of November - 15% for accommodation subject to reservation through the hotel reception or website

Business Hospitality Month Started!

October in Lviv is filled with various business events, so pick up your suitcase and do not lose the opportunity to meet new partners, gain new experience and do not forget to share yours! We provide a 15% discount on accommodation provided through hotel reception or on site.

Summer is coming to an end and prices continue to rest!

Have you ever dreamed of Lviv? Are you crazy about our city and would like to visit it again? Don't delay your dream for later! September will be filled with various events. European Heritage Days and Traditional Coffee Festival, Ecoforum and 26th Publishers Forum, IT Conference and International Theater Festival. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the ancient city that will envelop you with the aroma of coffee and chocolate like a warm blanket. Feel the coolness in the shades of magnificent parks and enjoy the immersion in the cultural and secular life of a city that does not fade away with nightfall. Choose what you like and don't delay your with booking! 10% discount for September, subject to booking through the hotel reception or on the official website

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