What to see in Lviv?

Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine. There are hundreds of architectural monuments, dozens of ancient temples and it is also one of the top most visited tourist places in the country. Everyone must visit Lviv city at least once in their life.

Let's find out what is worth seeing, where to go and where to stay in this historic Ukrainian corner.

What to see if you come for 1 day

It is impossible to pass by the Opera House which is considered the most beautiful and rich decoration of the city. The front side of the building is decorated with sculptural figures. Amazing decorations inside the building, in the form of beautiful paintings, a mirrored hall, chandeliers made of precious metals will not leave anyone indifferent. Lviv Opera is located next to the central square.

On the way, you can go to an authentic restaurant in the style of the headquarters - "Kryjivka" which is located in the basement for a full entourage. Like a real insurgent cache!

Opposite the cafe, you can admire the majestic building of the Lviv City Hall. By the way, there is also one of the most expensive restaurants in Galicia - "Masonic Lodge".

Lviv churches: different eras, different denominations

One of the temples that you should definitely go to - the Dominican Church, is distinguished by its special aesthetics, made in the Baroque style. Such an architectural solution creates an atmosphere of luxury, admiration and celebration. The cathedral is located on the Museum Square.

Another representative of the Baroque, popular among tourists, is the Latin Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The temple was built from 1360 to 1479. In 1527 the church was reconstructed after a fire. Located 5 minutes walk from the National Opera.

Also a place worth seeing is the Armenian Cathedral. An architectural and cultural monument with a rich history. The construction of the church was completed 645 years ago but the interior decoration with various decorations (frescoes, stained-glass windows, ornaments) continues to this day. The temple is located in the old part of Lviv along the Virmenska street.

Rius Hotel: how to book a room

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