Where to go in Lviv with your soulmate? Top 5 romantic places

Lviv enchants everyone who comes here with its unique atmosphere, hospitality of locals and creative approach to every detail. At the same time, it is not only one of the oldest cities in Ukraine but also one of the most romantic. Yes, there are a lot of symbolic places, beautiful institutions and mysterious architectural monuments. Therefore, the first date, Valentine's Day or just a walk with a loved one in this city will be remembered by all for a long time.

If you have visited the city of Lviv for the first time, or have been here more than once, visiting many places of interest, believe me, Lviv will still have something to surprise you and your partner. In order for your date to be the best, and the surrounding landscapes only contributed to this, we offer you a selection of romantic places that are sure to please your loved one.

Fountain of lovers

Not only the Italian city of Verona, known for the extraordinary love story of two young people that happened here several centuries ago. It is a tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Lviv has also always been one of the most romantic cities that unites hearts in love. Yes, there is a musical fountain with bronze sculptures depicting the infamous love story of Lviv's Romeo and Juliet. The fate of these Shakespearean characters largely echoes the fate of the Italian Romualdo (Romana) Michellini and the Ukrainian Palagna (Pelageya).

And it all started with the fact that in the sixteenth century. The family of a young Italian, Romualdo Michellini, moved to Lviv, where he befriended a Ukrainian merchant family that had a girl the same age as Michellini's only son. Later, love broke out between the young people, but as in Shakespeare's play, the families of lovers, for religious reasons, were strongly opposed to their marriage and even forbade them to see each other.

In order to separate the couple, Romualdo's parents sent him to Venice for a few months. During the absence of the Italian, a plague epidemic broke out in Lviv, which also infected Palagna. Returning from Italy to Lviv, the boy learned that his beloved was in serious condition, so, despite the persuasion of his parents, he decided to visit the patient.

Palagna died soon after, and the decision to see her love for the last time was fatal for Lviv's Romeo. He, like his other half, also fell ill with the plague and died at a young age. Before his death, he asked his family to make two tombstones in the form of hearts wrapped in laurel branches with the epitaph: "Those whom love has united forever, even death is powerless to separate."

These premature deaths of young people reconciled hostile families. They carried out the last will of the deceased and buried the lovers together, placing a memorial tombstone with the appropriate inscription on the grave. And the people of Lviv did not stay away from such a romantic and tragic story, building symbolic statues on the fountain, which was decorated with modern lighting.

Address: Vyacheslav Chornovil street.

Italian (Venetian) courtyard

If you and your other half have long dreamed of visiting Rome, Florence or Venice, but did not have the opportunity to visit there, then you have a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Italy without leaving Lviv. To do this, visit the Italian courtyard, located in the Kornyakt Palace on the Rynok Square.

This courtyard is located in the courtyard of the palace, which is a monument of Renaissance architecture. It was built in the 16th century by prominent Italian architects Peter Barbon and Paul the Roman by order of a famous merchant and philanthropist - Constantine Kornyakt. So it is not surprising that everything in this place is reminiscent of Italy.

This place is very popular among couples in love for several reasons. The location of the courtyard allows you to isolate it from the noise coming from the city square, so there is always a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This place is especially beautiful on summer evenings, as there is usually an open-air café at this time, live jazz or classical music, colorful flowers blooming around, film screenings, painting exhibitions and photo exhibitions.

Address: Rynok Square 6.

High Castle

High Castle - the highest and most beautiful observation deck in Lviv which has two terraces with magnificent views of the historic city center. The height of the Castle Hill, as it is also called, is 413 meters above sea level. It got its name because in ancient times there was a castle built in the 13th century under the leadership of Lev Danilovich. But from the 17th century. as a result of the Swedish capture of Lviv, it began to collapse. And in the 19th century it was almost completely dismantled into building material from which the streets of Lviv were paved and stone buildings were erected.

You can climb to the top of the stairs and a more gentle paved slope. Most importantly, do not forget to warn your partner not to wear heels. After all, the ascent to the mountain is quite long and steep, and the cobblestones, which paved the road to the top, makes this task even more difficult.

Admiring the sunset with a loved one on Castle Hill, in a calm atmosphere and surrounded by unsurpassed landscapes - this is one of the most romantic scenarios. Lovers can also symbolically hang a castle with their names on the fence of the observation deck as a sign of eternal and strong feelings between them.

Address: Zamkova Street.

Striysky park

Striysky Park is one of the oldest Lviv parks, a miracle place for leisurely romantic strolls near rock. The whole park of boulevards near 1879 was designed by the prominent engineer and master of the landscape gardening art Arnold Rering. The park's territory has been planted with 40 yew. trees, including exotic species: tulip tree, ginkgo, worm oak, red-leaved beech.

The park is near the Galitsky district of the place, and the warehouse area is 52 hectares. Here is a small lake with swans, a small house for birds and a drifting, small heart. Also on the territory of the Striyskiy park, a greenhouse with exotic plants: figs, palms, agaves. And not far from the greenhouse there is source with drinking water. The source is decorated with a bas-relief of Kotyhoroshka. This sculptural composition was made in 1950 by Lviv students in gratitude to the founder of the park - Rering.

Stryj Park has two fountains: a musical fountain with Ivasyk-Telesyk lighting, created in the 1960s by sculptor Yakov Chaika, and restored in 2011 with the addition of light and music effects, as well as an older fountain with mermaids.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this park is that there is a cozy and original panoramic bar "Tower". This institution is located in the building of the former water tower, which served, among other things, for the water supply of fountains. A coffee shop has been operating in the tower since the 1970s. And nowadays it is an institution that combines a bar, a hookah, a game center with a three-meter screen and an X-box, as well as the highest dance floor in the city.

Address: Halytskyi district of the city, between st. I. Franko, Stryjska, U. Samchuk and Kozelnytska.

Love & Lviv Restaurant

After a long walk through Stryj Park, you can satisfy hunger your appetite in the romantic restaurant "Love & Lviv", located near the park area. The interior of the restaurant is made in the style of a Scandinavian loft with a combination of minimalism. In addition, literally everything in the atmosphere of this restaurant speaks of love: lyrical poetry on the walls, love drawings and paintings, gentle sounds of the piano, velvet decoration of the hall, alternating with pastel shades and more.

The institution consists of several thematic halls. There is also a children's play area, which is located so that parents can keep their baby in sight and not worry about it. The restaurant menu is varied and includes author's, European and molecular cuisine. There is a separate children's and banquet menu.

Address: 66 Stryjska Street.

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