Prestigious hotels in Lviv

Its difficult to choose a prestigious hotel in Lviv, relying only on internet advertising. The owners can hide flaws, focusing on advantages which sometimes are doubtful. Therefore, guests on arrival at the place can expect disappointment. To make sure that doesn’t happened, we recommend you to remember several signs of a prestigious hotel.

How to choose a prestigious hotel in Lviv

The first thing you should pay attention to is geography. The description of the hotel can be gorgeous but whether it will be convenient for you to get from the station or airport to the outskirts, to the other end of the city, or to the area where the infrastructure is poor. A slam dunk is the city center where is everything you need, including communication lines, transport, tourist facilities (restaurants, museums, parks, etc.).

Is the number of stars an important factor or not?

Not always: sometimes for saving taxes, owners absolutely understate the number of stars, so this is not an indicator. At the same time, very prestigious complexes generally dispense with this attribute.

Belonging to the network is also a good indicator but there are many exceptions. For example, the level of service can be equally high in Hilton or Hyatt as well as in a separate hotel that does not belong to a well-known chain hotel;. High-quality bed linens, internet, a good restaurant, parking - it’s not necessary to go to a chain hotel for this.

Prices are also not always an indicator. A prestigious hotel in Lviv can be very popular but you should always call and find out - maybe at the moment there are discounts, promotions, loyalty programs. Therefore, you can stay with a cheap price in an expensive hotel.

But what really matters is the size of the complex. A prestigious hotel has 50 or more rooms but a small number of rooms may indicate the modesty of the hotel. Many numbers of the rooms demonstrate that owner has the resources to keep them in an appropriate condition. The age of the hotel is another indicator. All prestigious hotels have a history, antique design elements. Sometimes they are replaced by ultramodern design which is also useful for a good stay.

Additional services such as airport transfers, breakfast included in the room rate or full board. All these are pleasant bonuses that are often offered by prestigious hotels.

Rius is a prestigious hotel in the center of Lviv

One of the most prestigious hotels in Lviv is Rius. It has all the necessary attributes:

Rius offers a comfortable stay and all the conditions for conferences and business meetings. You can book a room or a conference room on our website or by the phone number that you see below. We have everything for a comfortable stay and for high-quality organization business activities.

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