Annual holidays and festivals in Lviv. Top 5 most visited events

Lviv is not only the cultural capital of Ukraine but also a festival capital. Every year there are about 50 festivals and celebrations dedicated to various topics. Every festival in this city is a grand and large-scale event that gathers thousands of guests from different parts of Ukraine and other countries.

In addition, it is believed that Lviv was the first festival and only then the tradition of such celebrations spread to other cities. The number of Lviv festivals is constantly growing every year. And their themes are so different that literally everyone can choose a festive event that is sure to please him. Here it is possible to get to gastronomic, musical, book, calendar-ritual extravaganza, etc.

Golden lion

The Golden Lion is an international festival and at the same time the main event in the theatrical life not only of Lviv but of the whole of Ukraine. The festival is state-owned and was founded in 1989. It is held annually in late September - early October and lasts ten days.

Usually this theatrical action begins and ends with a carnival parade. This is a solemn procession during which all its participants walk loudly and enchantingly through the streets of Lviv city (mostly Hnatiuka Street and Svobody Avenue)and cheering the people.

The Golden Lion Festival is worth visiting at least because such a large number of actors, circus performers, mimes, stilt walkers in bright, colorful costumes and with impressive makeup can be seen for free only on festival days.

Also during this festival in Lviv theaters or in the open-air show both world-famous performances and new experimental productions of young directors. Performances involving actors from other countries are staged in the language of the performers.

Book Forum Lviv

The Book Forum Lviv is the main book event in Ukraine and the largest literary festival in all of Eastern Europe. The Lviv Publishers' Forum is a book fair and a literary forum.

The first Lviv Book Forum took place in 1994. It was created on the initiative of Oleksandra Koval with against the decline of the Ukrainian book publishing. The purpose of this event was to gather in one place all those who are not indifferent to the fate of the book trade network of Ukraine and Ukrainian books in particular.

Currently, the Forum is held every autumn and is attended by more than 60,000 book lovers. Since 2006, the event has become international so every year you can meet more than 100 Ukrainian and foreign writers and publishers.

So on the book forum you can buy a book of any genre, translated into Ukrainian or written in the author's language.

The Forum program also includes:

City holiday "For coffee to Lviv" 

"For coffee to Lviv" is a traditional holiday dedicated to the tangiest drink of all Lviv residents which appeared here in the middle of the XIX century. Of course, this festival is not without a fair where you can buy coffee for every taste: strong Americano, tender latte or cold frappe from the most popular manufacturer and cafes. And if you want to bring a gift from Lviv, a kilo of ground or grain and a coffee souvenir - will be a great gift.

The festival lasts for 3 days during which there are various contests, competitions and workshops related to making coffee. Yes, everyone present at the festival can vote for the best coffee house in Lviv and choose the best barista who will be officially greeted by coffee King and Queen.

The holiday program does not end there. Visitors can learn more about everything related to this aroma drink: the history of its appearance in the Lviv city, the peculiarities of cooking each of the varieties, listening to thematic lectures. Also here you can find the drive music and incendiary dances, a night movie, coffee mail "From Lviv with Love" and a lot of entertainment for children.

National chocolate holiday

This delicious festival takes place at different times of the year and is often timed to a holiday - Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, May holidays or on The Protection of the Mother of God day. Also, each season the number of festival days can be different - from one to seven days of celebrations.

Lviv is famous for its confectionery and the talent of local chocolatiers has long been known abroad. That is why the chocolate festival gathers more than 20 000 sweet lovers every year. On this holiday, chocolate is literally everything: drinks, sculptures, figurines, drawings, dresses and more.

All guests of the festival from adults to children can take part in master classes on making original chocolate products, in the collective creation of a giant chocolate cake with its subsequent tasting or just enjoy quality chocolate with a choco drink.

There are a lot of interesting entertainments and competitions for kids on holiday. For example, during the festival, there is an art workshop - Children's Chocolate Country where children are taught to create chocolate sculptures. Various musical, circus or theatrical groups also often perform on holidays.

Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival

As you know cheese and wine are great gastronomic combinations. You can see this at the annual October festival which was launched 10 years ago. And during this time it has become one of the largest gastronomic events in Ukraine.

Hundreds of species of this sour-milk product and as many varieties of alcoholic drinks are presented at the cheese and wine festival. That's why you can buy so many bottles of wine and cheese heads here that it will be enough for a whole year. Of course, before you buy, you can taste the products.

According to the guests of the festival, the variety of cheeses and wines is so great that it is extremely difficult to make a choice. In addition, the products presented at the fair from local producers are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly.

The program of this event is not limited to tasting cheese and wine products, but is full of various activities, including:

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