• Hotel and inns: what is the difference, how to choose

Hotel and inns: what is the difference, how to choose

Going on a trip, it is important to address the issue of accommodation - a hotel, an inn or hostel. And although the first two options are perceived by many as one and the same, there is a difference. To understand it, you need to consider how a hotel and an inn are similar, and what is the difference.

What is the difference between hotels and inns

These non-long-stay options involve providing services for a fee. The inn has fewer of them than the hotel, but the room has all the necessary amenities - appliances, electronics, etc. The hotels also have infrastructure - parking, swimming pools, a restaurant, bars, conference rooms, lounges, children's rooms.

The hotel also has more staff. In addition to hotel manager and cleaning staff, there are animators, infrastructure staff. The inn has few rooms for guests, while the hotel is a whole complex of 50 or more apartments. In connection with the above, inns are cheaper than hotels and have a smaller range of services.

The most budget option is a hostel. It is possible to rent a room or a bed in a dorm room. Amenities (kitchen, bathrooms) are common, parking may be located nearby. If the guest is not very demanding, the hostel as the cheapest option is perfect for short-term stays.

Should I stay in a cheap hotel?

It all depends on the travel conditions. For a family vacation, it’s better to overpay, and stay in a more comfortable room. Especially if they have children. If it is more interesting to visit tourist places than to stay in room for a long time, then it makes sense to choose a budget, cheaper option.

If you have a business meeting, conference, then the hotel must correspond to the status of the participant. Therefore, it is better to find a business hotel where is everything you need for meetings and discussions. So you need a hotel with a conference room, parking, staff and the ability to accommodate a large number of people. In this case, cheap hotels are not suitable.

Hotels in Lviv: how to choose the best option

Lviv is a tourist city known for its architecture, monuments and developed hospitality sector. Therefore it is important to choose a hotel in the city center, ideally in the Old Town.

Hotel "Rius" is located in the center of Lviv, has an underground parking, is located near the railway station. It’s hard to find a better location near:

The Rius Hotel has Family rooms, for couples, large comfortable apartments. Here you can not only spend the night, but also stay for a longer period. For example, during a business conference or on vacation.

Our hotel in Lviv respond to the request of guests - if you come to relax, then the location in the city center will allow you to see the maximum of attractions. If you come for work, we have two halls for business meetings, conferences and other events.

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