Mini-hotel: what is it, how is it different from a chain hotel

What is the difference between a mini-hotel and a chain hotel? In addition to the names known to tourists, chain hotels, as a rule, are made in a recognizable design and are located in the city center, provide exclusive services. The main difference is more than 50 rooms while in a mini-hotel from 10 to 50 rooms.

Features of small hotels

Mini-hotels also have a number of features:

Of course, if there are a lot of services in a small hotel - the price will be higher. But the guest, at least, does not overpay for a big name or brand.

The advantages of hotels with a small number of the rooms

Many tourists prefer mini-hotels because of their compactness and smaller scale. As a result, there are fewer guests and strangers, which contributes to a good quality of a service and relaxing holiday. What are the obvious advantages of small complexes?

In general, to summarize, a mini-hotel is a comfortable and inexpensive accommodation option for people who do not like large crowds of tourists.

Business hotel Rius or mini-hotel

If you want just to relax somewhere on the outskirts of the town than a mini-hotel is your option. As an alternative, Rius hotel in the center of Lviv. There is an underground parking, conference rooms - a great place for business meetings and business public events. Our business hotel is located in the old part of the city, so is quite near from Rius to memorable places. There are many accommodation options (apartments, suite rooms, family rooms). This is an excellent option if you need to hold a big conference - there is a technical base and staff for this.

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