Lviv and fashion

The Ukrainian fashion industry is not standing still and is developing as rapidly as the world. At the same time, young Ukrainian designers are not inferior in ingenuity and talent to their more famous European colleagues. Which has been repeatedly demonstrated at large-scale international fashion shows.

In addition, the percentage of Ukrainians who follow fashion trends and trends is growing. After all, in today's world to look beautiful and stylish, no matter how cool - is very important. A person's appearance, success in other areas of life can often depend on their appearance, image and self-presentation.

Therefore, in order for the Ukrainian fashion industry not to fall behind, and little-known designers, brands and novice models had the opportunity to express themselves, and the event Ukrainian Fashion Week was created. As part of this event, a local project is being held - Lviv Fashion Week.

Ukrainian Fashion Week - how it all began

Ukrainian Fashion Week is the main fashion event in our country. This event takes place twice a year: in spring and autumn. And gathers about 50 thousand participants, including more than 200 accredited Ukrainian and foreign media, photographers, bloggers, as well as more than 15 thousand guests.

As for the history of Ukrainian Fashion Week, it began in November 1997. Then it was the first event of such a scale in Eastern Europe that met all international standards for fashion shows.

Until 2005, this fashion event had another name - Ready-to-wear Week "Fashion Seasons". This means that the shows showcase clothing in standard sizes, designed for a wide range of consumers.

What is Lviv Fashion Week remarkable for?

Since 2008, seasonal fashion shows have begun to be held not only in Kiev, but also in Lviv. Today Lviv Fashion Week is a landmark event attended by over 12 thousand people from different parts of the world who are somehow involved in the fashion and beauty industry.

Therefore, Lviv Fashion Week is a wonderful platform for networking, in other words, for useful and win-win acquaintances. And for designers, this is a great opportunity to present their brand or a new collection of clothes, get a bunch of positive reviews, an influx of fans and customers.

This event also contributes to the fact that new faces and young talents are constantly appearing in the Ukrainian fashion community.

So, during the fashion week, there are usually up to 50 brands with seasonal ready-to-wear collections (ready-to-wear models intended for mass production).

How to get to Lviv Fashion Week?

Lviv Fashion Week is not only a show of seasonal clothing collections on the catwalk but also its demonstration in the format of presentations that take place at selected locations in the city center and are more informal in nature. Moreover, Lviv Fashion Week is about fashion in various forms of its presentation, including awareness and educational. So, during the week, famous brand founders hold lectures on the current and at the same time difficult issue of the fashion industry. Also, master classes and presentations of books related to the world of fashion are often held.

People can get to Lviv Fashion Week:

Where to stay in Lviv?

If you are planning to visit Lviv Fashion Week, which traditionally takes place in October in the autumn season, we recommend that you choose a hotel located in the city center. After all, locations for shows, presentations, lectures and other events are always chosen in the central part of Lviv. So that all participants and foreign guests of the fashion week can easily get to the venue.

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