The best restaurants in Lviv

Lviv is a special city that can interest not only with its ancient architecture and rich history but also with its extremely developed restaurant culture. Lviv restaurants are famous for their big menu, refined and original interior, unique atmosphere and the most friendly staff.

In this city eating is a real ritual where restaurants are stylized as museums or bookstores, full of different curiosities and unusual decor. It is also important to mention the traditional punch line and a unique brand of Lviv - coffee which is much loved and prepared better than anywhere else.

Top 5 restaurants in Lviv that everyone should visit


Kryivka is a unique restaurant-pub which has no analogues not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Its interior acquaints visitors with one of the important pages in the history of our country - the activities of the UPA during the Second World War. The pub got its name for a good reason. The restaurant hall has the appearance of a field hideout - a military-defensive structure of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which was located underground. In addition, the style of the pub is followed in everything: from the placement of "Kryivka" in the basement and ending with the menu which corresponds to the military field kitchen.

The pub-restaurant attracts the attention of visitors not only with its unique design but also with various "attractions". Among them: pass only under the special slogan of the insurgents, checking adult guests for "strength" with mead, "searching for a Muscovite" and others. All this makes "Kryivka" the most visited place in Europe.



If your life seems fresh to you, you don't have enough thrills and you want to try something spicy, visit the thematic BDSM-cafe "Masoch". It is specifically an explosive mixture of eroticism, gourmet food and literary and educational notes. Here you will be not only deliciously fed but also well whipped. It will be remembered for a long long time.

Dedicated to the "father" of masochism - the novelist writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the cafe deserves the attention not only of active lovers of this culture but also of all "ordinary mortals" who do not shy away from discovering something new. In addition, the cafe stay close the tourist life of Lviv because it often hosts various themed evenings and book presentations.


Gas Lamp

Restaurant-museum "Gas lamp" is a very successful combination of a restaurant and a museum where visitors have the opportunity not only to eat well but also to immerse themselves in the history and atmosphere of Lviv in the second half of the XIX century. It was here, in the building where the restaurant is located, in 1853, local pharmacists Jan Zeg and Ignacy Lukasevich invented the kerosene lamp. This discovery significantly affected the life of that time, making it much more comfortable. And the invention began to be widely used in many countries around the world.

The restaurant has more than 500 copies of various kerosene lamps, all kinds of colors and designs. In addition "Gas lamp" is known for its special drink. Yes, waiters bring beer, liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages in laboratory flasks and beakers instead of glasses and shot glasses. Sometimes those present can even witness a real pyrotechnic show.


The first Lviv grill restaurant of meat and justice

"The first Lviv grill restaurant of meat and justice" is another interesting and unusual restaurant in Lviv which is a must visit for anyone who considers himself a real meat gourmet. This place is known not only for its delicious and hearty food but also local legend. It is rumored that this institution owes its appearance to the last Lviv executioner. Yes, its talk about that executioner who executed and tortured people in the main square of the city and did not spare anyone. This esteemed gentleman changed his occupation and began to specialize in meat because he knows better than everyone.

As for the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant, this is not a place for the faint-hearted. It will remind you of a medieval torture chamber which abounds in various tools for execution and torture. The "hired" executioner will gladly arrange a small tour of the restaurant, cut the sausage by guillotine and can even put you in a cage. So, be careful and obedient visitors!


The most expensive Galician restaurant

"The most expensive Galician restaurant" - the last refuge for Masons, supporters of conspiracy theories, bourgeois nationalists, the elite and more. The interior of the place is stylized like a Masonic lodge which according to the classics of the genre, has a "secret" entrance. A rare car in the center of the hall, portraits of famous Masons on the walls, an ancient grand piano, chandeliers and dim lights give guests the opportunity to feel like members of a semi-legal association of Ukrainian intellectuals of the early ХІX century.

The price policy of this institution more than fully justifies its name. And the dishes on the menu with extra zeros you really do not dream of. However, do not despair. With the Lokal discount card, everyone can afford to visit this extraordinary place. You can get the card in one of the places belonging to the network "holding of emotions! FEST" or by downloading the application "Lokal" on your phone and passing a simple registration.

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