The best museums in Lviv. How to get from the Rius hotel?

Museums are one of the main tourists places of any city in the world. The ancient Lviv city is not the exception. Thanks to them, tourists and citizens can swallowed the famous pages of history, get acquainted with its culture, feel the atmosphere there and get acquainted with various works of art: painting, sculpture, household items and more. And each museum of the city is special and unique, impresses with the richness and variety of exhibits and a specific atmosphere.

Hotel Rius is located almost in the city center (12A Hnatyuka Street), is surrounded by a large number of museums, theaters, cathedrals and other attractions of Lviv which are located nearby. Therefore, it's no doubt that your vacation here will be really comfortable, busy and interesting.

Top 5 unique museums in Lviv

Pharmacy museum "Under the Black Eagle"

The history of this pharmacy-museum is almost 300 years old. Opened in 1735 by pharmacist Franz Wilhelm Natorp as a military pharmacy, it still receives visitors, but now functions as a museum. Nevertheless, all visitors are not deprived of the opportunity to buy the necessary medicines here. In addition, this type of museum is the largest in Ukraine (compared to the Kyiv Pharmacy Museum) and the only one in all of Europe that still partially is open as a pharmacy.

The museum presents more than three thousand different exhibits related to medicine and pharmaceuticals, including utensils for storing medicines, various accessories designed for the manufacture of medicines, scales for measuring them and more. But the exposition does not end there. In addition to the trading floor, the museum fund with a total area of ​​more than 700 sq. m, includes a stuff room, pharmacy history room, pharmacy basement, wing with an alchemical laboratory and library, courtyard and more.


Museum of Glass

The Museum of Glass is a unique phenomenon in Ukraine which drew tourists attention. It should also be visited because it presents some of the oldest exhibits that have survived to this day and which were made in 1-2 centuries AD. This museum is a real “Odyssey” to the world of ancient glass art, known in Ukraine for over a thousand years and called “hitnictvo”. However, not only lovers of antiquity will enjoy the museum. Because there is also a large collection of modern glass compositions in excess of 300 units and which is constantly replenished with new copies. Glass vessels, multicolored beads, whimsical glasses, precious sets - all this and much more will delight the eyes of caring guests of the glorious Lviv city.


Museum and cultural beer history complex "Lvivarnya"

If you are a big fan of beer who can not live a day without your favorite drink so we can swear that heaven on Earth really exists for you, and its name - "Lvivarnya". It is the largest brewery museum in Ukraine with a total area of ​​2,000 sq. m. This interactive and unusual museum not only provides an introduction to the history of brewing, an overview of various art objects and exhibits but also gives you the opportunity to delve into the process of making a familiar drink, try to create a new variety and taste the best brewing art.


Arsenal Museum

Lviv Arsenal is one of the most popular and famous places in this city which the whole family should visit. The museum began its activities in 1981 and is dedicated to various types of weapons. The permanent exhibition of historical weapons has a large number of exhibits brought from around the world and dating from the XI - early XX century. The wide exposition includes samples of cold steel, firearms, ancient swords, armor, military equipment and other ammunition.

If you have little time and want to visit as many Lviv museums as possible, you can do it without even leaving the hotel. Online services help you - they invite you to visit a 3D-virtual tour of the Museum of Weapons.


Borys Voznytsky Lviv National Art Gallery

Lviv Art Gallery is the leading and largest Ukrainian art museum. The collection of exhibits presented here has more than 64 thousand copies. Among them are the best examples of world (including paintings by Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, etc.) and national art, covering all historical periods, from antiquity to works of modern art. Even if you are not an expert of fine arts, do not distinguish expressionism from impressionism and do not consider modern art than art, you can be sure that the Lviv National Art Gallery named after Borys Voznytsky has something to interest you. After all, this place is not the only one famous for its paintings, here you can also see the best examples of sculpture, icon painting, decorative and applied arts: tapestries, carpets, church and secular furniture, crystal and porcelain, etc.

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