Where to go in Lviv at night? Top 5 establishments that work late

Everyone who comes to rest in Lviv will ask for sure where you can go in this city after 21.00-22.00?

Usually, most places stop working at this time. Tourist guides are limited to references to architectural monuments, museums or art galleries. However, this is not a reason for travelers to spend the evening in a hotel because the Lviv city as well as the capital of Ukraine, is also rich in nightlife and it has something to interest young people.

We will not advise to go to Lychakiv cemetery. We offer you a selection of 24-hour establishments in Lviv, where you can have a good time with fun company and a hearty dinner.

Malevich: concert arena & night club

Malevich is one of the largest nightclubs not only in Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe. It is located in the center of Lviv, 280 meters from the Opera and Ballet Theater. Its area is 3100 m2, which allows you to arrange grand concerts, parties, celebrations, competitions or fashion shows. This is also facilitated by modern light and music equipment, quality sound and private parking for cars.

Night club "Malevich" has two separate halls, each of which has its own dance floor and a comfortable lounge area for 30 and 90 tables. Guests can also be seated in 4 VIP lounges, two of them with glass walls. In total, the sofas of this nightclub can accommodate about 1000 people. The peculiarity of the Malevich establishment is its bar counters. They are located so that they form one solid bar with a total length of 35 m. The Malevich Club hosts star concerts, stand-up performances, beauty contests, etc. The club's concert arena seats up to 1400 people, has a 110 m2 stage and 30 m2 LED screens. The advantages of this nightclub, among other things are the presence of a large cocktail menu and its summer terrace.

Address: Vyacheslav Chornovil Avenue, 2.

Opening hours: daily, 21: 00-06: 00


Club "Split" combines a nightclub, restaurant, karaoke, hookah and a strip show bar. The night club as a part of "Split" has a big bar counter, a wide choice of cocktails and various alcoholic drinks and also differs in original giving of drinks. Visiting the club for women is free, the cost of an entrance ticket for men is 300 UAH. Purchasing a ticket allows you to be in any area of the club. Face control and dress code are provided. And at midnight the striptease show program starts in the establishment, which includes erotic costume and topless shows.

Split Fusion Restaurant is a 600 square meter conceptual banquet hall of the club with an open kitchen, a bar, its own wine cellar as well as a panoramic view of the historic center of Lviv. The menu of the restaurant consists of author's dishes of Ukrainian, European and Pan-Asian cuisines.

The advantages of the restaurant and restaurant in general are also:

Karaoke Club "Split" will impress you with a large selection of songs - more than 50 thousand songs. There will be enough places and microphones in this club for everyone: 8 professional microphones, and for exceptional moments - a karaoke VIP area with a separate sound system. Split also has a special right to organize the Ukrainian Karaoke Championship. The winners of this song contest will have a unique opportunity to represent our country at international competitions - Karaoke World Championship and European Karaoke World. The karaoke club will take care of the preparation of performers for participation in the competition, as well as the organization of the trip and its payment.

Address: Mickiewicz Square, 6/7

Opening hours: the restaurant is open 24 hours a day, karaoke and show bar - daily, 22: 00-6: 00, night club - Thu-Sun from 22:00 to 6:00

Lviv train

Cafe-bistro "Lviv Train" got its name for a reason because it is located 100 meters from the main railway station. This bistro will not leave anyone hungry even at night after a long journey. And waiting for the train to arrive can turn from a boring minute of contemplation into delicious and unhurried get-togethers.

"Lviv Train" is a gastronomic stop №1 for most visitors. This establishment refutes all myths about station food. The cafe menu features delicious and inexpensive dishes of Galician and European cuisine. All food is prepared from fresh and natural products grown on farmland.

In the bistro you can order: first and second courses, side dishes, snacks, salads, desserts. There is also a variety of traditional Galician dishes: banosh, potato pancakes, kulish, roast, waffles "andruty" and more. For those who are in a hurry on the train in the cafe-bistro there is a distribution line that allows you to take ready-made food with you.

The interior of the restaurant, as well as the serving of dishes, are also special. Everything here resembles a train car (Intercity rather than Ukrzaliznytsia's "branded" passenger train). Yes, the tables in this establishment are made of natural wood, the decorative elements are in the shape of a train with carriages, the paintings depict the railway, and the pizza is served on a wooden board with wheels. And, of course, the windows of the bistro offer a view of the main railway station in Lviv.

Address: Chernivetska street, 21

Opening hours: daily, round the clock


Stargorod is a brewery restaurant that serves and brews beer using classic Czech technology and recipes. Beer in this place is not filtered, pasteurized, preservatives are not added to it, and it is not produced by mass production technologies.

Stargorod can accommodate up to 400 guests. In the warm season there is also a summer terrace - the so-called "beer garden". And for those who want to see for themselves the birth of Stargorod beer - daily tours of the brewery. You can visit such an excursion with beer tasting for free. To do this, you need to win in song singing - a competition that takes place here several times a week.

For its guests, the brewery-restaurant "Stargorod" often organizes various celebrations, including the annual "Oktoberfest". Usually, such events are grand, fun and loud: with live music, beating dishes and Bavarian dances on the tables. Do you want to watch the next broadcast of a football match with a glass of beer with your friends? Then you here too.

The menu of the establishment presents a wide range of not only beer but also snacks to it. You can also order burgers, home-made sausages, grilled dishes, beer trinkets, a special dish - Stargorod knee, etc. Every day a whole calf, sheep or pig is grilled.

Address: Rymlianyna street , 1

Opening hours: round the clock, daily

Hrushevsky cinema & jazz

Hrushevsky Cinema and Jazz is a unique Lviv improvisation restaurant located in the building of the former Corso cinema (1912), one of the oldest in the city of Lev. It combines an art space and a restaurant. There is always a special, creative atmosphere and there are always a variety of cultural and artistic events. Thus, the following events take place in Hrushevsky: concerts of classical and modern music, performances of jazz and blues performers, film screenings, exhibitions of photographs, paintings, book presentations, literary evenings, etc.

Hrushevsky cinema & jazz consists of three halls:

  1. Cinema hall (upper) - here you can enjoy delicious food while watching a movie. There is also a grand piano in this hall, which allows you to decorate the evening with pleasant music.
  2. Jazz hall (lower) - in this hall the best rock, jazz, blues performers and cover bands of Lviv perform.
  3. The banquet hall is a large, spacious hall with a refined interior - a great choice for various celebrations.

The restaurant menu consists of European and original dishes. A wide selection of meat and fish dishes, cold appetizers is complemented by a large menu of alcoholic beverages. Especially "Hrushevsky" can show off its liqueurs and cocktails prepared on their basis. Alcoholic infusions have a 100% natural composition and are made in our own factory.

Address: 28 Shevchenko Avenue.

Opening hours: Mon-Thu, Sun from 08:00 to 00:00, Fri-Sat - 08: 00-02: 00.

Which hotel to stay in?

Lviv is a unique city, rich in interesting places and ancient architectural monuments. No matter what time and season you come here, there is always a place to go and something to look at. Most of the atmospheric and unusual Lviv establishments are usually located in its historic center, and those that work late are located near the station.

If you decide to stay in this beautiful city and you need to decide on a place to stay, we recommend that you stay in the hotel RIUS. It has a convenient location - it is located in the very center of Lviv (12A A. Hnatyuka Street), near the main railway station and the international airport. Therefore, arriving in Lviv, you can easily get to your apartment. And from the room of the hotel RIUS you can easily and quickly (in 5-10 minutes) to get to most night and round-the-clock Lviv establishments.

You can order a hotel room by phone: +38 097 970 02 20 or via the Internet by filling out a simple online form on the official website of the hotel - rius-hotel.lviv.ua.

Guests can choose the following room types:

Payment Methods: