What to bring from Lviv? Top 5 souvenirs and gifts

Lviv is a city you want to return to again and again. And every trip to the cultural capital of Ukraine is a new discovery and a new ocean of impressions. After all, Lviv is rich in various spectacles and attractions. Souvenirs, gifts, treats for every taste and wallet are sold here at almost every turn.

Therefore, you will definitely not have problems with the choice. Here the question is rather how to make this choice and not get lost among the variety of Lviv store. Moreover, few people will be able to compete with the entrepreneurial talent of Lviv residents, formed over many centuries.

After all, in ancient times Lviv was a famous multicultural center, located at the crossroads of world trade routes. Only in this city are they able to present a service or product so creatively and interestingly. Therefore, shopping here turns into a fascinating journey into the heroic and historical past of Lviv and acquaintance with its colorful traditions and unusual rituals.

You can even be sure that a gift or a souvenir brought from the Lviv city will surely be to the liking of the person to whom it is intended. And also will cause in the last irresistible desire to embark on travels to this glorious city.

In case you are in Lviv, and there is not enough time to choose a gift and ideas, we present to your attention the top recommendations for successful purchases. What could be better than a practical gift? Only a gift that combines practicality, quality and beauty. These are the following options for Lviv souvenirs and gifts.

Lviv sweets and other goodies

The popularity of Lviv chocolate has long gone beyond the city itself and even beyond Ukraine. And all because local sweets are not only amazingly tasty but also healthy. The secret of their success lies in a special recipe, the use of exclusively natural ingredients and the boundless love of Lviv craftsmen for their work.


Lviv is a real paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Chocolate appeared here more than 200 years ago thanks to the efforts of the Swiss of Italian origin Dominic Andreolli, who opened the first pastry shop here. And since then he "hooked" all the townspeople on sweets. So chocolate has become a constant guest of all sweet tables, a favorite of kids and, of course, a traditional gift for loved ones.

You can hardly find such a variety of chocolate products as in the Lviv city. On the shelves of Lviv pastry shops, chocolate workshops and shops, you can see chocolate products of a wide variety of shapes and colors, and even with a fancy filling. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Lviv is called the chocolate capital of Ukraine.

Good news for fans of Svitoch sweets. This famous confectionery factory is located here, which has been operating since 1882. You can buy sweets in her brand store, which is located on Rynok Square, 16.

It is impossible not to mention the main "chocolate pearl" of the city of Lev - "Lviv Chocolate Workshop", which is not alone in this city. You will find one of them on the street. Serbian, 3. What makes this workshop special? It is home to chocolate hares, cats, bears, lions, hippos, unicorns and other animals. How about tickling your taste buds with chili candies, salt, lavender and other unusual ingredients.

There is never too much chocolate - the one-kilogram "parcel" from Lviv will delight your family for a long time. The price for handmade sweets starts from 8 UAH. The cost of 1 kg of taffle (bar) of chocolate is about 900 UAH. Also in the "Lviv Chocolate Workshop" you can not only buy original handmade chocolate products, but also take part in a master class. Try yourself as a chocolatier by preparing your own sweet gift.

Do not believe in stereotypes - men are also given candy and men also love chocolate. Especially black, strong, bitter-tart, natural chocolate. If you need just such, then go to the "Forge of chocolate" ("Forge chocolate"), which is located on the street. Armenian, 25.

Here you will find a chocolate key to a man's heart, the same horseshoe for happiness and a sweet life, a variety of tools: a hammer, nuts, block, drill, dark chocolate bearing, and the like. And remember: no white or milky. Only dark chocolate – “only hardcore”.


Next to the "Forge of Chocolate" on the same Armenian, 25 is a marzipan fairy tale - the first "Marzipan Workshop" in Ukraine. It functions not only as a shop but also as a museum. Each marzipan figurine - a delicacy of grated almonds and sugar syrup (powder) - is made by masters independently according to their own special recipe. Also, master classes are regularly held in the workshop. Therefore, a gift from here is not only delicious food, but also a work of confectionery art.


You will find natural, tasty caramel made by hand by the best Lviv craftsmen on the street. Serbska, 13 and Krakiwska, 18. After all, here is the "Caramel Workshop", from the colorful showcase of which you cannot take your eyes off. A real caramel kingdom where caramel and other candies are prepared right in front of your eyes. In this workshop, you will not only pick up a sweet present but also enjoy the unique spectacle of making caramel of various shapes and colors.


Various gingerbreads and gingerbread houses: honey, almond, coffee, vanilla, caramel and others are sold in the Lviv gingerbread workshop "Yurashki". The workshop, as well as gingerbreads, got its name due to the fact that in ancient times it was sold at a fair, which invariably took place in St. George's Square near the cathedral of the same name. And now the Lviv workshop is located 10 minutes from this place. It is said that it can be found in a special aroma but just in case - st. Krakivska, 14. Such a sweet gift will appeal to both adults and children. And gingerbread-yurashki in the form of cartoon characters just can not help but like children.


Chocolate and coffee are a good pair! It is difficult to imagine Lviv without coffee. Nowhere in Ukraine is this invigorating drink so revered as here. The people of Lviv even organize a thematic festival every year. When you come here, it seems that the whole city is one continuous cafe, where the smell of freshly brewed coffee wanders the streets not only in the morning but throughout the day.

The first coffee house appeared here in 1829. It has been renamed the Vienna Coffee House and continues to receive guests at 12 Svobody Ave. The most popular place where you can buy coffee as a souvenir is "Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture" on Rynok Square, 10. What is remarkable about this place? This is not an ordinary coffee shop but an amazing combination of coffee shop-bookstore-mine. There are also 30 types of coffee drinks, a large selection of coffee, ground and beans, coffee "Banderivska", "Franz Joseph" and "Count Lubomyrsky" and more.

Alcohol: beer, tinctures, liqueurs, mead

In the minds of Ukrainians, Lviv has long been associated not only with delicious sweets and aromatic coffee but also with quality alcohol. Yes, local establishments offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages of varying strength. Including in the format of a gift set or with an unusual bottle design and no less original name.

It is also rumored that the best beer in Ukraine is brewed here. After all, the tradition of making this intoxicating drink in the Galician lands is centuries old and dates back to the 14th century. By the way, we also owe our acquaintance with craft beer to the Lviv city where it originated and gained popularity.

To see the uniqueness of the taste of Lviv beer and the talent of local brewers, go to the Beer Theater "Pravda" on the square Market, 32. It does not take many words - on the account of this institution 14 medals collected in world beer competitions. This is undoubtedly the best evidence of the uniqueness and high quality of the drink brewed here.

This place has beer for every taste, as well as "beer" souvenirs. And such funny and unusual names and label designs on intoxicating bottles - do not look for. Rate just a few of them: "Obama hope", "Borsch with sour cream" (yes, it's also beer), "Kyiv not kiev", "Red eyes", "Rowing cow", "Born to be wild", "Strength". And the pearl of this brewery is a drink called "1000 Varka" - beer brewed on beer. This is a unique intoxicating drink with a shelf life of 25 years. If your acquaintances have a firstborn - give him this type of beer - he will drink at the age of majority.

Alcoholic infusions and tinctures are no less popular among guests of Lviv. Every year the city hosts thematic festivals and holidays dedicated to these alcoholic beverages. Each local institution can boast of its unique recipe. Here you will find a huge number of infusions and tinctures of seasonal berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs and more.

In addition, Lviv liqueurs and tinctures are not only very tasty, but also useful. Many of them contain medicinal herbs so they have medicinal properties. And you and your loved ones can choose the one that you like in the institution "Nalyvky from Lviv", located on the street. Ruska, 8.

The famous imperial vodka or the vaunted Lviv mead can also be cited as a souvenir from Lviv. You can taste and buy vodka at the Bachevsky Restaurant (8 Shevska Street) and see the former factory at: B. Khmelnytsky, 114/116. After the mead, you can visit the restaurant "Medivnya" (17 Krakivska Street), the cafe "Under the Blue Flask" (4 Ruska Street) or the "Gas Lamp" (20 Virmenska Street).

Gas lamp

Kerosene lamp is one of the symbols of Lviv. After all, it was in this city in 1853 that local pharmacists Jan Zeg and Ignacy Lukasevich first invented this type of lamp. This discovery significantly affected the life of that time, making it much more comfortable. And the invention itself has become widely used in many countries around the world.

You can buy such a gift both in souvenir shops which were not available in Lviv and in the museum-restaurant "Gas lamp" on the street Virmenska, 20. This institution is notable for the fact that its interior is dedicated to this significant page in the history of the city. There is a monument to the inventors as well as more than 500 pieces of kerosene lamps of various colors, sizes and designs.

Designer clothes, accessories and other things

An unusual gift for someone close to you or a loved one which she will definitely appreciate, will be a designer item bought in one of the fashionable Lviv showrooms. Lviv designers are extremely creative people. With the conceptual approach and originality of their products, they are not inferior to world-class designers.

You can successfully whisper and bring home something really beautiful and creative in the showroom SKLAD located on the street. Yu. Drohobycha, 5. SKLAD is a space where goods of local brands belonging to already known or still young but promising Lviv designers are collected.

Here you will find not only clothes with unusual prints but also a variety of accessories to create a complete image. For example, glasses, jewelry, bags and socks with inscriptions or drawings. In addition, SKLAD offers to buy various household items and products to create a unique interior.

In one of the most popular designer stores in Lviv - Rhizome Store (24 Brativ Rohatyntsiv Street) there is a large number of local brands to choose from. Rhizome Store is women's and men's clothing made of natural fabrics, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, ecological (zero waste) household goods, etc. Also, this designer store does not shy away from discounts so in addition to a gift, you can also pick up something.

If your mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter or niece loves shopping no less than you, we advise you to visit the designer women's clothing store - Navna, located at: st. Fredra 6. Clothes from Navna are the personification of elegance, tenderness and femininity. In addition, if you dreamed of a photo shoot with your daughter or little sister in the same style of clothes, then in this store you can easily pick up identical images.

Where to book a room in Lviv?

If you are tired of many hours of marching for souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones, you just need a rest in a comfortable hotel room. Of course, the best option would be to choose a hotel located in the center of Lviv near the station. This is a 4-star hotel "RIUS" (street Hnatiuka, 12A).

After all from here you can quickly and easily get to any souvenir shop, shop, restaurant. The vast majority of them are located in the center of this beautiful city. Therefore, staying at the hotel "Rius", you will provide yourself with a wonderful holiday and save a lot of time, effort and money. You will forget what it is like to live on the outskirts, where the infrastructure is poor and especially nowhere to go.

Staying in a hotel in the center of Lviv is an opportunity to get better acquainted with this city, get to know and enjoy its special architecture, atmosphere and entertainment part. And after a busy day and a long walk through the streets of Lviv - visit the hotel "Rius".

You can book a room by phone: +38 097 970 02 20 or via the Internet by filling out a simple online form on the official website of the hotel - rius-hotel.lviv.ua. Guests can choose from the following room types:

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